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8th Dec, 2016
01:00 AM
STP withdraw soon be instant
STP manual withdraw process is going well.
Now we are working on INSTANT withdraw for STP.
Expected is within any time in next 7 days.
Sorry for inconvenience.

For bigger amount and more withdraw limits you can transfer funds to Neteller and Payeer, Based on availability with our exchanger.
7th Dec, 2016
11:57 PM
STP withdraw limits
STP withdraw limits will be increased in couple of week.
STP withdraw limits are not set by STP, it is MS who set it and done due to lacking of STP funds with us and Exchangers too.
This is the reason we bring option to exchange funds with Neteller and Payeer.

Except USA member they can either use Payeer, Neteller.
We can arrange BTC-e USD for USA members.

If you are a USA member and struggling with STP funds write a email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your member id and your problem.

We are working hard to solve all your problems before Christmas.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
7th Dec, 2016
01:02 AM
BTC-e USD users - Security updates
Please update your BTC-e username in your MS wallet.
It must be a username, not the email used to login in BTC-e site.

You can find your username of BTC-e site in:

Why this is necessary ?
BTC-e USD codes can be used by anyone if they got it, So we implemented security to bind the BTC-e USD codes to your BTC-e site username, so that only you can use that code to redeem in your account.
It improved security on code theft and reduce your risks to get it exposed.
6th Dec, 2016
08:31 AM
STP manual withdraw processed 2016-12-5
STP manual withdraw are active.
Those who have requested STP withdraw in 5th December are all processed.
All members who have requested to manual withdraw are completed.
Please share this to your referrals and sponsors.
Yesterday's request will be processed today.
It will be processed within next 24 hours of the requested time.
5th Dec, 2016
01:12 PM
Server under attacks
We got huge DDoS attacks to our servers.
As a result the site was not working perfectly on login and other operations.
If our system detects suspicious login attempt it will block your IP for couple of hours.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.

Analysis on attacks:
Attacker is trying to attempt login to MS system using set of login details obtained from some where else, so WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU NOT TO USE SAME PASSWORD IN MULTIPLE SITE.

Strong Advice:
Change your password to MS account if it is same as in any other site.
Use Email PIN or 2FA PIN authentication in MS account for better security.

We have reset the passwords of suspected accounts those were login by attacker, those members who are not able to login can reset their password using forget password link and use new password to login into MS account.

Members are strongly suggested to secure their Email accounts individually.
(Use 2FA where ever possible for utmost security)
4th Dec, 2016
03:09 AM
STP manual withdraw active
STP manual withdraw now accepts withdraw requests.
Its limits are one withdraw per 24 hours.
All STP withdraw are process after 24 hours (24 hours time is taken to review it)
Start withdrawing from STP or exchange STP funds to Neteller and withdraw it instantly.
1st Dec, 2016
04:46 AM
Send support ticket in appropriate category
We are trying our best to solve member's problem in our earliest possible time.
For that purpose we have added new support ticket category.
Please use appropriate category to get your problem resolved in shortest possible time.
If you have one support ticket open then you can close that support ticket and use appropriate support category and send new ticket to get your problem solve in shortest possible time.
29th Nov, 2016
11:55 AM
STP withdraw via Neteller
If you need to withdraw STP balance via Neteller, You can ask it in support ticket and talk to live chat.
It will be arranged within next 12 hours for withdraw.
Member must be fully verified member and must use appropriate category (STP Balance transfer to Neteller ) while sending support ticket.

As we have thousands of tickets to manually verify in STP account.
finance dept. are working on it.
28th Nov, 2016
12:58 AM
STP withdraw - verifying in process
Finance dept. have disabled withdraw in STP and working to verify and cleanup the pending withdraw.
Withdraw in STP for manual processing will be enabled anytime in next 12-24 hours after finance dept. finished clearing the pending withdraw.
Those STP withdraw which are sent are marked completed and other will be cancelled.
Then need to again process withdraw to go on manual process.
Sorry for inconvenience caused, we are doing our best level possible.
25th Nov, 2016
03:09 PM
STP withdraw - manual process completed
IT department have finished working on STP manual withdraw.
We are testing on it.
Expected to go live within next 96 hours or so.
We are concern with security first before anything else.

Also for those who have problem with STP, can start using other payment method for deposit and withdraw. All other payment method are working perfectly and instantly.